Jewellery Care


We use a lot of fine chains in our designs, they are strong yet delicate. To make them last, please be careful not to sleep, shower or exercise whilst wearing your jewellery. 

On all of our pieces, use a soft cloth and warm water to gently clean any dirt off from daily wear. For silver chain pieces you can use a silver clean solution, which makes them bright in an instant.  For solid pieces, you can use a cloth with a build in abrasive. We can also clean it for you in our studio.

To keep Silver pieces from tarnishing, wear them often or keep them stored in airtight bags to prevent tarnishing or wear them often.



Most of our chains and ear fittings are 14ct Gold-filled, which is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. High quality gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as 14 Carat solid gold.  With daily wear, it wears really well and can last for many years. It is hypoallergenic and contains no nickel.

Vintage chains have always appeared in many of Kamilla’s designs. She loves the texture, ageing and joy of re-using these components made years ago. Most are made from bronze, some plated with gold or copper. The term ‘vintage’ can only be used for products older than 30 years.  Some of these will age and tarnish naturally.

For any items containing Antique Beading, care must be taken when exposing these to the sun and water including sweat, as the colour may fade. The colour fading can be beautiful too, but be prepared that this may occur.

Gold-Plate is either on a base of Bronze or Sterling Silver and is plated with 22ct Gold. Plating will wear of with time and the length depends on the thickness of the gold as well as its exposure to the elements. We can offer an affordable re-plating service.

Mother of Pearl is used in the Monarch Collection as a sheet that is cut into a shape and inlaid into Plexi-Glas. These are natural pearl that are pressed flat and coated with a protective layer. However they are best not exposed to water. They can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth though.


We like to give a great service to all of our customers, and believe that or products, made in-house, are all of excellent quality. Therefore there is a lifetime guarantee on our pieces. This means we will offer free repairs on items that have proven faulty or breakage such as broken chain, links, jump rings and clasps. If the item has been trot on, dropped or otherwise broken due to your own fault, there will be a small charge applied for repairs/replacement of components.  We do not take responsibility for lost components or whole pieces.

Please do contact us if anything has broken and we will do our best to repair it for you within the guarantee. We like you to be able to wear your pieces for many years.